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Bursa, the first organization established companies Halil Kale Kale Textile has made 50 years ago. Companies have announced the name of the first year, especially in the shirt and has become one of the industry's leading space agencies. The early years, starting with the first production of this adventure mercantilism foundations were laid in 1986 in Bursa, has facilities in Demirtas. Castle by the family for 3 generations they have successfully managed to create textile castle was serving with different brands. The product in the period up to the castle Textile today "Castle Textile" began marketing the brand name of "Halil Kale" and finally after continued, "Castle" has been added to the brand that created the brand. Targeted by Halil Kale "Quality First" policy for subsequent generations has established leadership in determining the goals and vision.

Since 1990, specialized in the field of outerwear for men and women and has had a wide range of products in this area. Currently, investment firms that perform in this area, "in the framework of Quality First" principle, constantly renewing itself, a structure closely follows the technology appropriate to see him. Bursa / Demirtas located facility built on 10.000 m2 area and it was built in 5000 m2 closed area. In this area already covered the remaining 20 jacquard dobby loom where the 100's production area, warehouse, quality control department and the administrative building.

Specialized in outerwear for men and women in the world and developments in the field, one of the few countries in Turkey following a good place to learn the castle textile market itself, it performs a wide range of products and production is due to the quality. This range of 100% viscose, 100% floşl, 100% cotton, nylon lycra and cotton blends, plaid and jacquard quality are studied. Of course, in line with the demand from customers, design, quality, and project development work is carried out successfully. These products having a million meters of annual production capacity of 5-5.5 TEXTILE Castle is ready to show the necessary commitment to meet all the demands from clients

So far, the internal market by working Fortress thinking that they have the experience needed him to foreign markets Textiles, especially in North America in 2005 as him, Europe has set a target of the Middle East and Arab Countries and their work has focused in this area. For foreign markets, in addition to products that are produced readily to follow the demands of the international market with customers from project aims to strengthen its position in new markets with new development will make its own.

Kale Textile, evaluate the projects you will be happy to offer you their products and customer appreciation.


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